Sabol v. Hydroxatone LLC
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Welcome to the Sabol v. Hydroxatone LLC Settlement Website

UPDATE: Checks and products were mailed in early February 2014 to eligible claimants. You do not need to verify the authenticity of the check you received in this matter. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


A proposed national settlement has been reached in class action proceedings brought against Hydroxatone LLC and Atlantic Coast Media Group LLC (“Defendants”) relating to their sale or offer of products under a Risk Free Trial and/or Auto-Shipment Program (also known as “Preferred-Customer Beauty Program” or “Beauty Auto-Ship Program”).

The case is entitled Susan Sabol, et al., v. Hydroxatone LLC and Atlantic Coast Media Group LLC, Civ. Act. No. 2:11-cv-0456-KM-MAH (D.N.J.) (the “Action”). If you are a member of the Settlement Class, your rights may be affected by this lawsuit. Please read all information on this website carefully. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the lawsuit and proposed Settlement so that potential class members can decide what steps to take, if any. The Settlement Class is defined as follows:

All Persons residing in the United States who between January 1, 2005 and March 28, 2013 paid for, and/or were charged for Hydroxatone-branded products, and/or were charged shipping and processing fees for such products, in connection with a Risk-Free Trial and/or Auto-Shipment Program, including but not limited to: Hydroxatone, Celtrixa, Hydrolyze, Declatone, Lashatone, Instant Effect, Luminique, Instant Wrinkle Filler, and Orexis.

Defendants deny any wrongdoing and do not believe that they have any liability to the Settlement Class. However, all parties believe it is in their best interest to settle the Action under the terms of the Amended Settlement Agreement and obtain closure on these matters. The Court in charge of this case has preliminarily approved the Amended Settlement but still has to decide whether to grant final approval. Payments and settlement benefits will be made only if the Court grants final approval of the Amended Settlement and after appeals, if any, are resolved.


The Amended Settlement Agreement provides for cash benefits, product benefits and prospective relief to eligible Settlement Class Members. A detailed description of all available benefits is included in the Long-Form Notice. You may also consult the Amended Settlement Agreement for information.


If you are a member of the Settlement Class, your legal rights and options are as follows:

File a claim online or by mail Submitting a Claim Form on time is the only way to get a Cash Benefit or Hydroxatone Product Benefit. August 15, 2013
Ask to be excluded (“opt out”) If you ask to be excluded, you will not receive benefits, but you keep your rights to sue Defendants on your own regarding Hydroxatone products. June 25, 2013
Comment or object to the settlement Tell the Court why you like or dislike the settlement. You will continue to be a member of the Class and will be bound by the Settlement. June 17, 2013
Do nothing If you fail to either file a Claim Form or request to be excluded by the applicable deadlines, you will receive no benefits, but you will be bound by the Settlement.

(Your legal rights are affected by your compliance or non-compliance with these dates)

June 17, 2013 Last day to file objection to the settlement
June 25, 2013 Last day to request exclusion
July 16, 2013 Court hearing on fairness of settlement
August 15, 2013 Last day to file a claim

Please check this website regularly for updates and new developments.